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  • How much theater experience is needed to be in a Stages show?
    Stages attracts students of all experience levels for all of our programs - and we love that! Our staff works hard to ensure every student is given the tools they need to feel successful at Stages.
  • When is audition info posted for each show?
    Audition details are posted approximately four weeks prior to each audition. Sign up early for your choice of audition date and time.
  • Does Stages make exceptions for grade level?
    Stages’ program guidelines are defined by grade level rather than age. Board policy is that no exceptions be made in the interest of fairness and consistency.
  • Why was my child cast in their particular role?
    Casting is a giant puzzle in which the artistic team takes into account the demands of each individual role, the demands of the production, and the potential or skills demonstrated by each student in a casting session (grades 1-5) or audition (grades 6-12). The artistic team also considers each students’ availability within the rehearsal schedule. Ultimately, each student is placed where the artistic team believes they will be most successful while also contributing to the success of the production as a whole.
  • How can I support my child in the casting process?
    Parents can help students be prepared for casting by carefully reading the audition instructions and encouraging them to be themselves and do their best. Please be assured that Stages is a supportive, safe environment, and we want all students to feel as comfortable and successful as possible. It is inevitable that, given the nature of theater, students will, at some point or another, experience disappointment in casting. Parents can help by acknowledging the disappointment, acknowledging the “giant puzzle” of casting described above, and encouraging students to keep an open mind and positive outlook. Every role is crucial to the success of each production. Stages strives to make every students’ experience memorable and meaningful.
  • How can I stay up-to-date on everything happening at Stages?
    Subscribe to our newsletter below, follow us on Facebook (@mjtstages) and Instagram (@mjtstages), and revisit our website for the most up-to-date information.
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