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Parent Handout - Important information handed out at orientation

STAGES Code of Conduct

Commitment Calendar

Cast List by Name

Cast List by Group Roles & Scenes 


Music Link:

Click here for music 

Choreography Videos (for practice at home!) [link is to a Google Drive folder]

TO PLACE A SHOW SHIRT ORDER -  Please order by October 2

For those who have not, but would like to order a show shirt, please follow the instructions below.  To check a list of those who already purchased items at the time of registration see Registration Orders   

To purchase show t-shirts and/or sweatshirts:  

  1. Go to

  2. Scroll to the bottom, enter the passcode "MSP".

  3. Scroll again to the bottom and select "Late t-shirt sales" on the left.

  4. Select the add-ons to purchase, fill out the parent's contact info, and Add to Cart

  5. Fill out any additional information and Proceed to Payment.

Only those characters listed should come to rehearsal on these dates. These small groups allow us to efficiently use our rehearsal time and space.  


Saturday, Oct 7 - SMALL GROUP:  

     9:30-12:00. Ringleader, Roustabouts, Malvolio, Brutto, Sporco, Gepetto, Pinocchio


Wednesday, Oct 11 - SMALL GROUPS: 

    6:00-7:00  Blue Fairy, Fairies in Training, Gepetto, Fox, Fox Mother, Horse, Pig 

[Fox, Fox Mother, Horse & Pig leave at 7pm]

    7:00-8:00 Pinocchio    [Blue Fairy, Fairies in Training, Gepetto All Stay until 8pm]


Basic Makeup Guidelines


Ad/Shout-Out Form

Photo Order Form - Coming Soon!

New Conflict Form - PLease keep additional conflicts to a minimum.
Stages Wishlist 2021 - Do you have any of these items you wish to donate? 

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